Promotion Procrastination

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Coaching WritersI wrestle with promotion every day: that damn platform, Instagram, twitter, blogging, reviews.  For years, the onerous promotion duties of authorship seemed divorced from what I considered the real creative work of writing.  It’s not true.

Think Christo.  Christo and Jean-Claude considered the entire process to realize their large scale works as art.  The planning board meetings, the environmental studies and fights, hiring the staff, getting the permissions, that whole piece was the art, and they labeled their dates of the work accordingly.

So with that in mind, all of the process, the promotion, the writing itself and the after promotion, is part of the art, part of the life of the creative work.  By integrating it, at least in our heads, the promotion can be made less daunting and less “other”.

I say that, but I struggle with it every day.

After exhaustive training and advice from author who are far better than me:  Nina Amir and Frances Caballo,  CS Lakin and Beth Barany to name four, I found these three things help:

  • Spend a brief time with a handful of Social Media outlets, like 1/2 hour a day.
  • Spend anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour on social media.
  • Schedule social media times when you are NOT feeling creative.
  • Do fun activities, like responding to groups in Linked In, or just finding beautiful images on Pinterest and gathering them onto your boards.
  • Reward yourself for the effort.
  • Re-focus on what got us all here in the first place:  our writing.

Good luck, see you in the Reality Cloud.

For more information go to the Your Book Starts Here site.

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