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Book tour Mathematical State of Grace

Book tour Mathematical State of GraceThe title intrigued me, so I signed up to be part of the blog tour for A Mathematical State of Grace. Because of Future Girls, I am interested in the YA dystopic, everything is changed, now what do we do? themed books. And A Mathematical State of Grace does not disappoint.  Here is the official description.

The laws of the Universe are ordered and finite. Every mathematical equation has one perfect solution. Jocks lead the high school pack, and nerdy girls go unnoticed.

But what would happen if one day, everything changed?

In one fateful moment, sixteen-year old mathematical prodigy Grace Greenway and Vincente Marino, all-around high school athlete, are unexpectedly thrown together. From that moment on, Grace and Vincente are forced to navigate a strange and wonderful new world together, quickly learning that they must depend on each other if they want to survive.

Now, imagine a world where the rules of the ordered Universe no longer apply, and the line between reality and fiction becomes blurred beyond all reason.

Imagine living in A Mathematical State of Grace.

I did enjoy reading this book. One feature that was fun for me, the story takes place in Sydney.  Since Damien my podcast partner is Australian, I have a soft spot for the country.  The plot is intriguing, the scenes are engaging, the action is good and the fantastic is well presented.  The main plot line in book one of these series (and this is a series, which helps to know before picking the book up)is the match up between Grace and Vincente.  Much hot teen connection ensues.

Grace was in love with Vincente Marino, but she only loved him from afar. She knew that she was totally out of his league, but at the same time, she had hope. She believed that love was a mathematical equation. She believed that true love was predetermined. It was like any other mathematical formula—you just had to search, seeking it out until you found the perfect golden mean. Then, and with all of the numbers from the correct sequence in place, the universe would help conspire for two people, any two people, to fall in love. Grace Greenway was waiting for her golden mean to click into sequence so that she and Vincente Marino would find that perfect state of love.

The relationship between Nerd and Heartthrob  blossoms as the two struggle through a land that has turned unfamiliar and bizarre.  Spoiler alert, they survive.  Spoiler, spoiler alert, they fall in love.  How could they not with a set up like that?  But it doesn’t matter, the relationship is handled well,  you vote for Grace, you vote for Vincente.

Cathy McGough has created a   marvelously bizarre world and I am looking forward to further descriptions and explanations about this land and the sudden disappearance of all the adults – because it sounds like a teen wish come true.  But like most wishes, the repercussions can be terrible, and the unexpected consequences; strange.

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    Posted on May 27, 2015 at 11:30 pm

    Thanks for hosting Cathy on your blog and an amazing review!

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