Episode 173 – “The Business of Writing”

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Special guest: Robin Sullivan

The business of books


Robin Sullivan joins us this week to discuss how she took her husbands books from self publish to traditional publish in a way that has made Michael Sullivan one of today’s most popular authors. This is a must listen episode that explores how to deal with publishers and their contracts. It is important to pay close attention to the wording!


Michael’s contact pages:  Goodreads | Amazon | Wikipedia | Riyria Website | First Empire Website | Hollow World Website | Twitter | Author Facebook | Riyria Facebook | First Empire Facebook

Here’s some information on Michael’s books:

THE RIYRIA REVELATIONS & CHRONICLES: Some friendships are forged in blood.
Both the six-book Riyria Revelations and the two-book Riyria Chronicles were published by Orbit (fantasy imprint of Hachette Book Group). A third Riyria Chronicle novel is planned for 2015.

They killed the king. They pinned it on two men. They chose poorly.
There’s no ancient evil to defeat or orphan destined for greatness, just two guys in the wrong place at the wrong time. Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater, are enterprising thieves who end up running for their lives when they’re framed for the death of the king. Trapped in a conspiracy that goes beyond the overthrow of a tiny kingdom, their only hope is unraveling an ancient mystery before it’s too late. 
NOTE: Two books in this series were Goodreads Choice Award Nominees.

Hollow World: Award-nominated science fiction in the tradition of Asimov, Heinlein, and Wells
Science Fiction reviewers have high praise for Michael’s time-travel action adventure. Here’s one example from
Justin Landon“This is social science fiction that H.G. Wells or Isaac Asimov could have written, with the cultural touchstones of today. A modernized classic, Hollow World is the perfect novel for both new and nostalgic science fiction readers.”

Ellis Rogers is an ordinary man who has always played it safe and done the right thing. When diagnosed with a terminal illness, he’s willing to take an insane gamble. He’s built a time machine in his garage, and if it works, he’ll face a world that challenges his understanding of what it means to be human, what it takes to love, and the cost of paradise. He could find more than a cure for his illness; he might find what everyone has been searching for since time began…but only if he can survive Hollow World. 
NOTE: This is a 2014 Goodreads Choice Award Nominee.

The First Empire: Discover the truth in myths and the lies of legends.
Michael’s most recent project, The First Empire, is a five-book epic fantasy exploring the difference between myth and reality and how the deeds of a group of ordinary people changed their world. The first book will be released by Random House’s Del Rey imprint in the summer of 2016.

In the land of the Rhune, trees can tell the future; roaw can’t sleep before adding more human bones to their bed; crimbals steal children through secret doors in the forest, and the gods are beyond reproach. But Raithe does the unthinkable when his father is slain…he fights back. From this act of aggression rises the legend of the God Killer, the seeds of a rebellion, and the question of whether the gods are really all powerful after all. Before the Dark Ages, there was the age of Myth and Legend. Before kings and castles, there were mystics and heroes. Before Riyria, mankind lived in the shadow of the Rhune, but that is about to change. Discover a new world by Michael J. Sullivan, the best-selling author of The Riyria Revelations and The Riyria Chronicles.

Michael J. Sullivan

The Riyria Revelations & Chronicles: Theft of Swords | Rise of Empire | Heir of Novron | The Crown Tower | The Rose and the Thorn

Recent Release: Hollow World  •  Coming Soon: Rhune | Dhreg | Rhist | Phyre | Fhrey

Short stories: The Jester (recent release) | The Viscount and the Witch | Greener Grass

Anthologies: Unfettered | Help Fund My Robot Army | The End: Visions of Apocalypse  | The Dark Beyond the Door

Contact: www.riyria.com • @author_sullivan • Facebook • Amazon • Barnes & Noble • Audible • Wikipedia • goodreads • wattpad


What is your favorite thing to do? What if you did it all day – what if you couldn’t stop (or your character couldn’t stop) What would the unintended consequences of pure pleasure and delight be?

Word of the week:

From Arlene Miller – our guest in March 2014

And author of the new The Best Grammar Workbook Ever

This is from Arlene’s Miller’s Weird and Wonderful Words Series found on her blog http://bigwords101.com/

kakidrosis – noun – Well,  you have heard of halitosis! This one is the same, but the whole body! 

Tortured Sentences:

[Sonja Hillgren in the Boston Globe] The task force said it looked at hunger as a social problem in which some people cannot obtain adequate amounts of food.

Shout Out:

Catharine is in New York – Shout out to her BFF Lester who insisted she explore the city!

Huge thanks to Dionne Lister for cohosting this week.

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