Episode 175 – “AuthorRise Yourself”

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Guest: Chris Weber



AuthorRise Goals help you stay committed to everyday activities that lead to a larger, more engaged readership. While your long-term objective may be to become a bestseller, it’s the smaller, more manageable steps added up over time that will get you there. Think of it like a fitness regimen: a little bit of work every day goes a lot further than an isolated week or two of intense effort.

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Chris is the Founder and CEO of AuthorRise. In a previous life he worked as an industrial designer and business strategist. His work ranged far and wide, from electric car strategy to the future of food. He has degrees in both literature and design, so when he decided to start a company, he returned to his first love: books. AuthorRise is his attempt to build the tools authors need to succeed in the digital world. He gets to spend his time doing something he loves, coaching authors that are embracing the entrepreneurial side of being a writer.

Get into a rhythm.

The activity Goal is all about getting into a rhythm of sending out

Tweets and Flyers. To get started, pick a Goal level that you can

commit to while you’re getting into the swing of things.

Learn about your audience.

Which Tweets get reposted the most? What keywords get the most

new followers? Watch how your audience reacts to your posts. Writing

quick Tweets and sharing Flyers lets you do what you do best: write for

your readers! So pay attention to what they like.

Push yourself to do more.

Once you’re in a rhythm of regular activity and you’ve learned a bit

more about what your readers respond to, try a higher Goal level. Like

pushing yourself to run a little further, those incremental increases

really add up over time.

Get started.

To help jumpstart the action, we’ve created an example Twitter routine

for the Emerging Writer. Try varying not only the time of day that you

post, but also the kind of content. Common types are:

Original Content: posts and links to your books, blogs, articles, etc.

Found Media: links to things you’re reading or finding.

Reshared Content: posts from your fans or other people you follow


What if everything we do was measured in terms of ROI. What is the ROI of watching TV? What is the ROI of drinking with friends? What would be the final ROI in life’s accounting? Write about measuring everything, every day. Write about what life would be like if we measured . . . nothing.

Tortured Sentences:

Runner Up


The Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

Where “WWW” means “Wretched Writers Welcome”

  • As the foeman’s axe descended, Ragnar Thorvaldsson thought – quickly, but with uncannily prescient anachronism – that his paltry contribution to this raid would not be recorded in the great sagas, or even a minor tale, but at best he might be remembered centuries hence only as “third oarsman” in the Boys’ Own Book of Viking Adventure Stories. — Paul Dawson, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Word of the Week:


with Anu Garg


heimisch or heimish or haimish


(HAY-mish, HY-) 


adjective: Homely; unpretentious.


From Yiddish heymish (domestic), from Old High German heim (home). Ultimately from the Indo-European root tkei- (to settle or dwell), which also gave us home, haunt, hangar, site, situate, andhamlet. Earliest documented use: 1964.


Most of his deal-making takes place over the heimisch cuisine of Gilda.”
Spencer Bright; Michael Levy; 
The Guardian (London, UK); Aug 18, 1997.



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