The Clever Women of the Gold Rush (Future Gold)

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Future Gold - the Gold Rush of CAThe Real Woman behind Future Gold

Announcing: the second book in the Future Girls Trilogy – Future Gold (out July 1st  by Eternal Press)

Jordan Ellert doesn’t believe in Time Travel. Except when it finally worked. One minute she’s ready for another Time Cult failure, the next she is blasted back to the California Gold Rush.  Everything she thought she knew is wrong:  she is not the only time traveler, the past is hard to alter, and falling in love while in the past is a very bad idea.

Can you really be the change you want to see in the world?

The second book in the Future Girls Trilogy, Future Run is set in the California Gold Country where the author grew up and knows first hand how difficult gold panning is  and why Jordan made other choices.  Mixing the past and the future, Future Gold is both a thrill ride and a good time.

I did quite a bit of research in creating what Jordan encounters and deals with in 1861. First up, how clever and resource the women of the gold rush were.

The women who braved the California Gold Rush were tough, ingenious and clever.  And they knew that the opportunities were not limited to just gold mining, because of the good odds, far fewer women to men, there was a chance to do more than society on the East Coast would allow.

There were many unusual opportunities for women in the cities and gold fields as men, starved for female company, paid extravagant fees to associate with women or buy products that were made by women. There are several stories of women making more money selling home made pies, doughnuts, etc. then their husbands made mining. Laundrys, Restaurants, lodging, mending, waiting tables, all paid good wages.

Kathryn Doré Perkins
Bee Staff Writer
Published Jan. 18, 1998

Historians have painted colorful Gold Rush landscapes peopled with scruffy, flinty men and a sprinkling of easy, frowsy women.

But something is wrong with that picture. Missing are the wives, daughters, sisters and single women who with awesome courage and a high sense of adventure joined that army of men and carved out lives with their ingenuity and perseverance.

“These are women who are quite the opposite of the stereotypes we have been led to believe were there,” said Jo Ann Levy of Sutter Creek, who has researched the role of women in the Gold Rush era.

“These are real women with real experiences and they are stunning,” said Levy, who scoured letters, diaries, reminiscences, newspapers, court records and census reports, and detailed some of those lives in her book, “They Saw the Elephant — Women in the California Gold Rush.”

Future Gold cover No shrinking violets or Victorian fainting allowed.  Jordan, along with her new friends have no choice but to roll up their sleeves and plunge in.

Real about her adventures July 1st on Amazon.

For more information go to the Your Book Starts Here site.

More about  Future Girls.  See the trailer.  Check out the book.

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