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Future Gold coverWelcome to Future Gold

Jordan Ellert doesn’t believe in time travel. Except when it finally worked. One minute she’s ready for another Time Cult failure, the next she is blasted back to the California Gold Rush.  Everything she thought she knew is wrong:  she is not the only time traveler, the future is hard to alter, and falling in love while in the past is a very bad idea.

Can you really be the change you want to see in the world?

California was a dream destination from the very beginning.  During the Gold Rush, “life was exhilarating for women cut loose from the social constraints of the East. One gold rush woman wrote: “A smart woman can do very well in this country. True, there are not many comforts and one must work all the time and work hard, but there is plenty to do and good pay. … It is the only country I ever was where a woman received anything like a just compensation for work.”

In Future Gold, Jordan, Maria and Missy are based on the true adventures of women like Luzena Wilson –  “as Luzena was cooking dinner over a campfire, a miner approached, lured by his longing for bread baked by a woman.

“I’ll give you five dollars, ma’am, for them biscuits,” he said. Luzena was speechless; $5 seemed a fortune. The miner, misunderstanding her silence, doubled the offer and slipped a $10 gold piece in her hand. Luzena had discovered her gold mine.”

Here is the scene in Future Gold –

Jordan and Emily fed bits and splinters of wood into the stove while Maria pounded and kneaded a batch of biscuits all the while grumbling about Jews and usury. It seemed like an enormous effort to produce a dozen small rolls of bread, but Jordan was grateful, inordinately grateful for her one small biscuit.

The women sat at the ersatz table and exchanged pleasantries. Jordan had just reached for her allotted biscuit when a miner struggled up the hill.

He stopped, sniffing the air. “Is that biscuits?”

The women glanced at one another. Jordan said, “Yes.”

The man held out a small nugget of gold. “I’ll trade you this for one of those things.”

Jordan’s eyes widened. A nugget of gold for a scrap of bread? She reached out for the nugget and Maria followed up with a biscuit in hand.

The man crammed it into his mouth, closing his eyes as he relished the taste. “Ma’am that was the finest thing I ate in I don’t know how long.” He eyed the two remaining biscuits in Missy’s hands. “Those for sale as well?”

Future Gold Launches Today!  Get your copy on Amazon.

Future Gold coverFuture Girls

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