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Guest: Lise Quintana



Lithomobilus is the first e-book platform that augments existing narrative forms and makes entirely new nonlinear narratives, without eliminating the things that make books wonderful. Our online writing software gives authors the power to expand upon their existing works, create new works with built-in expansion opportunities, and craft amazing nonlinear works.

Our publishing tools give publishers the ability to edit, combine, and extend existing and new works, then sell them in the Apple App Store. Readers can then download the reader software and enjoy the first e-book reading experience that values words without slavishly following the format of a printed book

The Lithomobilus app showcases Lithomobilus’ ability to augment traditional texts as well as create wholly new non-linear works. The content in the app was produced using the Lithomobilus writing and publishing tools, and is available for the iPad and iPhone.

Zoetic Press is dedicated to the notion that narrative must continue to thrive, even as technology changes. Humans are hardwired to tell stories, and as our technical sophistication evolves, the stories we can tell are evolving. Zoetic Press is dedicated to searching out the best in electronic and interactive narrative and bringing it to the widest possible audience.

We want authors to expand how they tell their stories, and for readers to discover the potential and promise of literature that isn’t limited to the “book.”

Zoetic Press is proud to be the first publisher to produce works using Lithomobilus, an e-reader platform that lets authors tell bigger, richer stories, and makes it easy for readers to get more of what they love out of books. Take a look at the free Lithomobilus app for iPad and iPhone and discover how it unlocks new possibilities.

Check out Lithomobilus here: Lithomobilus.com
Zoetic Press:

Zoetic Press

Tortured sentences:

© Copyright protected. Do not copy or rewrite any ideas or words written in this novel. I wrote this as a spin off to the movie X. There is dialogue and events  in here that I took right out of the movie, but there are many that I made up. NO infringement or plagiarism!

Word of the week:


with Anu Garg



adjective: Relating to or inhabiting Earth.
noun: An inhabitant of Earth.


From Latin tellus (earth). Tellus, also known as Terra, was the goddess of the earth in Roman mythology. Earliest documented use: 1846.


“Life without him was less imaginable than a tellurian’s camping-tent on a mountain in the moon.”
Vladimir Nabokov; The Real Life of Sebastian Knight; New Directions Publishers; 1941.


As insane as it seems, for us, it’s back to school this week. What is your best back to school memory? Your worse? How do you celebrate back to school when you are no longer in school?

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