A Noisy Guide to Podcasting

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Polite Gophers
Polite Gophers

After you, no after you.

I discussed   podcasting again at the SF Writers Conference 2015 and again for the National Association of Memoir Writers – http://namw.org/ for the April Free Roundtable. So since it’s on my mind, I thought I’d share some of the points from the talk

Are you considering Podcasting?  I know, Newbie Writers makes it look easy. And it can be, here are some considerations before you take the plunge:

  • Do  you have a great idea?
  • Do want to vary your reach?
  • Do you love to talk?
  • Do you really love to talk?
  • Do you bore your friends and spouse to tears because you can’t get enough of your favorite subject?

If you answered yes,  podcasting is your next big project.

Podcasts are specific broadcasts, not unlike a radio show, but more niche oriented so while a radio show, like NPR is for a very broad audience, a podcast targets a very tiny, passionate audience because you can.

The successful podcasters start small and passionate:

For instance:

  • It’s not about fishing
  • It’s not about fishing in Canada
  • It’s not about fishing in Alberta Canada
  • It’s about fishing on these three lakes in the spring in Alberta Canada.  To grow once the podcaster has exhausted that topic (for instance the Lost podcasters needed to move onto another obsessive TV show once Lost finished) then you can branch out to fishing in Alberta Canada.

The specificity of a podcast is how you build your specific audience.  It’s all about the long tail.

And podcasting is about building a very small, very wacked out passionate audience.  Because the audience is a single person listening to just you and if you are good, you are talking to just them.

Who is listening?

  • 70% of podcast listening is mobile. 50% of podcast listeners are in the car.
  • Young people and mothers
  • Commuters who want to listen to something more interesting or more fun than self improvement tapes.
  • People doing housework.
  • People who have a passion for the subject. And there are millions of specific podcasts covering most anything you are interested in.  ITunes is one of the easiest and best ways to subscribe and download podcasts to check out.

Are these podcasts viable?

Yes.  Increasingly  advertisers are looking at Podcasts to place ads and engage with their long tail customers.  Advertising are looking to mobile broadcasting, and internet conductivity in cars will help this trend.

How to:

  • Go to Google hangouts
  • Schedule a hangout on the air
  • Give it a name, tell people what its about.
  • And talk and post!

Or Use

  • Garage Band
  • WordPress to host your site
  • Bluberry to host the podcast
  • Itunes

Some ideas:

Why do I do it?  I wanted to ad to my profile and content.  I met Damien through a newsletter and we skyped and hit it off.  We’ve been podcasting weekly for 3 years with 160 (ish) episodes of Newbie Writers Podcast.

I love podcasting  and I love working with him.  We are constantly improving because we want to move past our 200 or so downloads, which is the industry average, to more rabid fans.

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