Deep Reading on the Shallow Shore  

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You will be happy to know that Deep Reading is a new, hip concept.

Deep Reading is, essentially, those uninterrupted hours spent with a single book.  


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I’d like to say that Fall is the perfect time for deep reading. But I say that about Winter, Spring and Summer.  

Deep readers need no motivation to snatch up a thick book and escape to the back porch, the hammock, the fireplace.  For a deep reader, prepping to venture outside means bringing two books out to the hammock so you don’t have to venture back in for hours.  

Since this has always been part of my life, I was surprised to find that “Deep Reading” is considered a “new trend”.  And here you thought you were just ignoring everyone.

It used to be that deep reading was all we had.  Ah, not anymore. The acronymic TL;DR – Too Long; Didn’t Read is now the norm. We respond to clicks, tones and promises.  We scan blogs, newsletters (I know who you are) web sites, warning labels.  We don’t necessary absorb the information, we just sort of get it.  Social Media is work, sharing – effort.  Most of what we are doing and consuming is scattered, the opposite of “getting lost in a book.”

What it the takeaway?

New studies suggest that all our distractions are not helping our brains. 

Conversely, spending   time reading, either a hard copy book (which is what my millennial child sent as a gift: the real book) or e-reader, immersing yourself for an hour or hours into a single story, a single experience, actually helps the brain function better, it certainly refreshes the reader. 

Is Deep Reading is an antidote for something we don’t even know we suffer from?  

If electronic interrelation and learned expectations are re-wiring our brains and our thinking, is deep reading a way to counteract that effect?  

For deep readers and, we may self-identify, deep thinkers, will deep reading maintain something we learned as young readers, that has not been pushed to the margins of necessary  Social Media activities.  I’ll let you know as soon as I finish this book.


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