Episode 186 – “Stand Out Dorie Clark!”

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Guest: Dorie Clark


Dorie Clark is a marketing strategy consultant, professional speaker, and frequent contributor to the Harvard Business ReviewTIME, Entrepreneur, and the World Economic Forum blog. Recognized as a “branding expert” by the Associated Press, Fortune, and Inc. magazine, she is the author of Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013), which has been translated into Russian, Chinese, Arabic, French, Polish, and Thai. Her most recent book, Stand Out: How to Find Your Breakthrough Idea and Build a Following Around It, was released by Portfolio/Penguin in April 2015.

Clark consults and speaks for a diverse range of clients, including Google, the World Bank, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, the Ford Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Yale University, the Mount Sinai Medical Center, and the National Park Service.

Books: Stand Outhttp://amzn.to/1FVYNP9 

Reinventing Youhttp://amzn.to/VzNRkZ

Stand Out Networkinghttp://amzn.to/1Gl2f9c


TEDx talk – Finding Your Breakthrough Idea


Twitter: www.twitter.com/dorieclark

My books: Stand OutReinventing You, and Stand Out Networking



A couple of my friends are changing everything in their lives, one described the approach as tossing up everything they knew and seeing where it all lands. What would you toss up? And isn’t that the essence of a good journey – based story – the hero tosses up everything in his life and acts, or reacts to where all the pieces land.

Word of the Week:


with Anu Garg



verb tr.:
1. To surround with troops.
2. To beset with difficulties.


From Dutch belegeren (to camp around), from be- (around) + leger (camp). Ultimately from the Indo-European root legh- (to lie or lay), which also gave us lie, lay, lair, fellow, and laager. Earliest documented use: 1589.

Tortured Sentences:

The children themselves to small and weak to work then grow up to be beggars, thieves or immigrants and burdens to the public.



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