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The Future is NowI just finished Future Run, Book Three in the Future Girls Series.  My Beta readers wanted more explanation about the Reality Cloud, the dystopic society of the future and the motivation and experience of the girls who time travel.  In this book, we follow two girls, one time traveling and one who copes with the reality of the future in 2169. I also pick up some of Dranit and Charity’s story in Future Run, so the trilogy is more or less complete.  Although Damien insists that I create another book to explain who came up with the idea and the wherewithal to time travel in the first place.  I may, after all, NaNoWriMo is just around the corner, and that’s how I wrote all three Future Girls books.

Tell me what you think about this new story.   Future Run

The only life Rainah MotherTwo knew was the one on- line. The only way to cope with reality was to avoid it. Until the night it all went to hell.  Suddenly, Rainah had the terrifying opportunity to escape a disastrous future. And where better to run that to the Festival of Love held in sunny, isolated California?   But the middle of the continent is huge and barren. The borders of the Golden State are patrolled by deadly satellite systems. And what she thought was just a game, was  really an invasion.

Gaia never thought it would work. Yet with a bang she was thrust  from 2150 back to 2030, a mythical time right before the information workers were sucked into the Reality Cloud forever. Sure, Gaia was trained for time travel. But  she wasn’t trained to resist the handsome freedom fighter, Aaron Nite, a man straight out of a history she had already read.  Did she dare change the ending?

Alex Northquest Knight is a man of the streets and child of parents with odd ideas about freedom of choice.  When he rescues an adorable waif who had just escaped from the Mid-Kingdom, neither knew the havoc they would inflict on the time line and their future.

What can you change?  What is worth keeping? Who is worth staying for?

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