Episode 189 – “An Artist’s Pillar”

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The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Kaitlyn Mirison

An Artist’s Pillars is written for folks who are so excited by all they are learning and the possibilities their imagination shows them, but are struggling to share with the world what is inside of them to create because of an overriding belief and question of their ability and worth.

This book is a guide to develop the fundamentals they need in order to break free from self-doubts, and gives what is inside of them to create an opportunity to exist.

You can find out more about this book and me at www.AnArtistsPillars.com

An Artist’s Pillars is a guidebook for you to break free from self-doubts.

 Your skills, natural talents, dreams and desires can take you only so far because the creative process has a way of highlighting your insecurities.

And when these insecurities and deeply seeded self-doubts have their grip on you, the step you need to take to move your project from the container of your mind and heart to the external world can seem insurmountable.

But these doubts and insecurities don’t have to stop you and your next step can be a gentle one…

Through An Artist’s Pillars  you are guided step by step to develop the fundamentals you need to share with the world what is inside of you to create.


Word of the week





1. A large seabird known for catching fish by diving from a height.
2. A greedy person.


From Old English ganot. Ultimately from the Indo-European root ghans- (goose), which also gave us goose, gosling, gander, and gunsel. Earliest documented use: before 1000. Gannets’ reputation for being greedy isn’t deserved though. See here.



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