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Back with another blab/blog.  I wanted to embed the Blab video, but while it’s possible on my web site, not so much on the blog site. There you go.  I am waiting for all this to get easier, and some things are easier, like blogging and podcasting.  But some still remain un-integrated.

Here is the Blab link.

We discussed how and when to add in atmosphere to your action or dialogue.  How to stay true to the genre for which you write.  How to make sure you aren’t leaving your reader behind.  We were focused on NaNoWriMo this last month, but in subsequent months we will tackle specific subjects and concerns, many of them generated by our participants.

Blab is the new, new thing in Social Media (or new at the time of this post).  Check it out so you at least know what the latest video program is all about.

Do I flog the Future Girls books on Blab?  Yes I do.  Check out the Future:Future Girls

Future Gold cover

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