Writing Makes You Smarter, I Think

By CBramkamp Newbie Guide Comments Off on Writing Makes You Smarter, I Think

Catharine Bramkamp

Catharine BramkampI never considered writing as an activity that increased my intelligence, I write because I must.   I am consistently asked about my writing when I travel.  I do keep both a paper journal as well as create comments and track the trip progress on my computer.  Well meaning fellow travelers lean over and look at my messy notebook (I also tape and paste business cards, pieces of ripped brochures, napkins, all that) and ask, what am I doing?

I’m embedding the experience more deeply into my memory.  I’m taking what I see and what I take photos of, and making the whole of the experience more clear and more focused.

And I love doing it.  That’s another idea to consider and embrace.  Do you love doing it? 

Or do you need to learn to love it?

For a few more good reasons to keep up the journaling or to take more copious notes during a conference, this article will help confirm your activities and give you even better answers when some helpful person asks what the hell you’re writing about. 

For the inspiration of this brief blog.

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