Episode 199 – The World Beyond Sight

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Guest: Josh Delaney

This week we chat with new and upcoming author Josh Delaney. Find out about the road to becoming published!

The Amazon is here http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/s/ref=is_s_ss_i_2_18?ie=UTF8&rh=i%3Aaps&search-alias=aps&k=the+world+beyond+sight+upon+arrival&rh=i%3Aaps&sprefix=The+world+beyond+s

The name of the book is The World Beyond Sight: Upon Arrival!

The first part being the name of the series and Upon Arrival the actual title of the first book.

The Facebook page is https://m.facebook.com/Worldbeyondsight

“In a world far from our own. A dark force wishes to consume all living beings to end everything. Battling this force for centuries the gods of Light decide to use one last ditch effort to bring peace and order back. Choosing a young man from our world to be their last resistance against the Darkness and unable to return home until his mission is finished. Arata Moore will make new friends and enemies along his path. Can he survive or will the Darkness consume him as it has so many others.”

Word of the week:


with Anu Garg



(PAY-tuhr NOS-tuhr, PAH-, PAT-)


1. A sequence of words used as a formula, a charm, etc.
2. A continuously moving endless elevator that goes in a loop.
3. The Lord’s Prayer; one of the certain larger beads in a rosary on which the Lord’s Prayer is said.


From Latin pater noster (our father), opening words of the Lord’s Prayer in Latin. Earliest documented use: before 900.


“She trudged doggedly across the last field, inwardly muttering her paternoster.”
Christina Shea; Smuggled: A Novel; Grove/Atlantic; 2011.

“We’d ride the open-sided paternoster elevators and giggle at the scare they gave us.”
Mary Helen Dirkx; A Great Adventure in The Shadow of War; Newsweek (New York); Sep 13, 2004.

Tortured Sentences:

The World According to Student Bloopers

Richard Lederer
St. Paul’s School

Without the Greeks, we wouldn’t have history.



Challenge fate. What if the worst thing that ever happened to you – or your character turned out to be the very best thing that ever happened to you (them)? Write about an unlikely ending to a terrible beginning.


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Guest next week:  Jeff Michaels.


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