Who are Your Characters, and why should you care?

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Characters in Fiction

Characters in FictionAsk me about a favorite book – and I’ll describe the heroine.

We often, if pressed, remember key points of a plot, but what really stick in our heads are the characters.  We remember the who over the how, before the what.

Do we love Jane Austen’s books because of the intricate plots? Not really.

The story? Please, we know the story. What we love are the characters, the strong women who get into trouble because they blurt out what they are thinking, the handsome hero who is just misunderstood, the spunky friend for whom we wish as much happiness as we wish for the heroine. We may not relate to the plot, but we certainly identify with a well-developed character.

Listen to what you say when you play a movie for the fifth time, it’s not about the plot or the story — you just want to see the hero or heroine again. “I love him.” You murmur under your breath.

Character is why there is star power in Hollywood. Do we watch Brad Pitt because he has a reputation for starring in great plot-driven films? No, we do not. Some people, who will remain nameless, would be happy watching Mr. Pitt sell laundry soap. It’s about character, charm, personality — if that sounds like a beauty pageant, you are not too far off.

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  • Laura Tiffany
    Posted on April 1, 2016 at 3:52 am

    Jack Sparrow comes to mind when I think of this subject. He’s the reason they made so many Pirates of the Caribbean movies. People love him. Great reminder. Thanks!

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