Newbie Writer’s has been around since 2006 and was run by writer Dawn Copeman. It served as a niche community for anyone who was interested in learning the craft of writing. As the community grew, so did the responsibility (and spam!) associated with keeping the site running. In 2009 Damien took it over due to Dawn having less and less time to run the site. Since then, Newbie Writer’s has evolved from a humble site with forums, newsletter and how to articles; to a weekly podcast and popular blog.

Damien: Whilst not a published author, Damien writes poetry and dabbles in fantasy writing. Although with a 5 yr old and running his own business, such writing endeavors inevitably get put on hold. Damien is a fan of podcasts and was ever hunting for a writing podcast that didn’t put you to sleep whilst driving. Determined to try, Damien put the call out in the final newsletter asking if anyone would be interested in trying a podcast. Catharine Bramkamp responded and with a casual, easy going manner, The Newbie Writer’s Podcast was created.


Catharine is a writing coach and podcaster  (obviously) and college professor.  She is the author of hundreds of articles and a dozen books including The Real Estate Diva Mystery series, two essays in the Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies, Don’t Write Like You Talk and the poetry collection, Ammonia Sunrise.

She and her husband, Andrew Hutchins have raised two boys through the age of destruction and into the phase of annoying two word texts.

Aside from a bookshelf full of her own books, Catharine runs: Your Book Starts Here

Her latest book plus others can be found in the Books tab.



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