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Hey all,

M.E. Franco was kind enough to add me to the Liebster Blog award list on her blog:

So a big thanks to her! Make sure you check out her blog and also buy her book:

So part of this is to pass on the award to 5 other bloggers. Here are my nominations!

Dionne Lister: (Fantasy author and host of Tweep Nation Podcast. Has a new book out! Visit her site for details.)

Amber Norrgard: (Poetry author and host of Tweep Nation Podcast, has a second poetry book out now! Make sure you visit her … Read more

Hey we have a permalink to the competition on the sidebar to the right. Can find it here:

Here is the spiel:

‘Newbie Writers and Rainstorm Press have teamed up to offer the ultimate newbie experience!

We want to read about your worst nightmare! With Halloween still lingering creepily behind us, what a great chance to come up with a short scary story?! Take a dream you’ve had and turn it into a fictional horror story. One way to describe this contest is the idea that any experience can be turned into a story, so in this case, your … Read more

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