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Book tour/blog tour

I came across this book at the perfect time – I had just decided that for the next six months I would eschew Self improvement – I’m on a self-improvement diet if you will. And along came Chris Niebauer’s book, the Neurotics Guide to Avoiding Enlightenment: How the Left-Brain Plays Unending Games of Self-Improvement


Here is the essence of his idea:

“The invincible law of opposition” I created this to express how the desires of the ego typically have the opposite effect. Walk into a casino and demand that the universe provides a huge win, and you will leave Read more

Enjoy a day of writing, reading and books - Day of the Book

Enjoy a day of writing, reading and books – Day of the Book

Please join us for the second annual Day of the Book

March 8, 2014

JKF University is pleased to present the second annual Day of the Book conference. Last year the conference was a qualified success involving JFK University students and faculty as well as authors from all over the Bay Area and the general public.

The list of speakers so far – and you read it here first –

  • Stephanie Chandler
  • Chuck Charles Burack <>;
  • Nina Amir
  • Beth Barany
  • Ezra Barany
  • Catharine Bramkamp
  • Steven Keifel
  • Lunch
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Julie Luek chronicles the many opportunities to binge write during the dull cold month of November:

[Making the Leap] Are You Participating in a NaNo? – She Writes.

At Newbie Writers, we are big fans of NaNoWriMo.  They just need to send me that logo coffee mug I bought three weeks ago.  But other than that, I love the project and recommend it to my clients if they need to kick start their novel efforts.

Why has this project become so popular?

  • It’s fun
  • It’s commercial free
  • There is no real prize except satisfaction
  • It’s  far less a contest
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I am reviewing – again – my new novel, Future Girls  with an eye towards podcasting it.

Writers read their work out loud to audiences all the time.

Many writers have podcast their books as a way to build their audience and tribe.

One of the pieces of advice that I consistently ignore is: read your book out loud.

But unless I’m reading at a book launch, I cannot imagine any activity more boring that reading a manuscript out loud in my empty study; me and my words.  I know I’d rush though the reading to get it done so … Read more


City LIght books, SF  CAThere are three kinds of editors, all important, and all jumbled together when we attend a conference or workshop.

To deconstruct this a bit, there are now three editorial specialities.

The foremost is Editor

The Editor is the  gate keeper, the person who vets projects.  The visual is that big blustery white man who won’t hire Peter Parker until he gets just the right shot of Spider Man.  Since you probably don’t want to become your own best subject, there are other ways to get attention.

How to make friends with the blog/periodical editor.

Study the periodical, and /or … Read more

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