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Coins in the fountainThe Tax filing deadline  looms bigger and badder than any writing deadline, mostly because   the IRS is seems more ridged  than a mythical publisher.  That’s why tax season is so great for writers.  What is more compelling?  The fat folder of receipts and bills labeled Medical or working on the love scene between the barbarellaesque heroine and the Hobbit-like hero?


Sometimes having a terrible job, a necessary job, a critical job looming over you is the very inspiration you need to work on the book you’ve been putting off since the first draft was created during NaNoWriMo, or the … Read more

I was able to wander around this year’s CES and found a couple of cool things for writers available this coming spring/summer:

Cool and inexpensive

Cool and inexpensive

Ctech bluetooth keyboard for the IPad

Ad ons for the iPhoto to make cool effects etc.

IPro lens –  for lens for the iPhone camera

Panasonic also featured an  iphone lens system.

Panasonic also featured an iphone lens system.

Blackberry app

Create an app in ten minutes:

patchworks  for cool covers for iPhones etc.

That’s all I could manage to pay attention to.… Read more

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