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After the last car accident, I am more than grateful my father is watching over my oldest son.  My dad fell in love with my first baby in a way I had never experienced. I am sure he loved my brother and me, but the grandchild, now that was special, and my father adored this tiny baby, who, of course, was very much like him.  Including the stubborn streak, and the need to do his own thing rather than conform to societal norms.

My father died young at only 62, and I knew, from that moment,  that his next job … Read more

As I walked the dog yesterday, I realized that a long time ago, one of my desires, my wish, was to own a place where I could just walk out of the back door of the house and march directly onto a lovely trail with no traffic and I could observe the seasons and stretch my legs and get some nature/exercise with little effort. I originally thought, hey that would need to be on a huge tract of land, I’d have to own like five acres in order to have the perfect trail, and I’d walk out the back door … Read more

I have always hated leaf blowers and their attendant henchmen; the weed whacker and power mower.  The gas powered engine noise rises up from every lawn in my neighborhood, separately so that every day of the week is scarred by the inconsistent whining of the engine.  These hand machines pollute with fumes as well as noise and they completely lack charm or aesthetics.

With fingers in my ears I try to recall the calm of Japanese gardens: the soft swish of the brooms, the careful tending of each tree and plant, the beguiling beauty of every movement, every leaf.  But … Read more

I was recently pulled into a conversation with self identified important writer who introduced himself by leading with the periodical that published his work (fittingly, I’ve forgotten the publication). He admitted that publication in this prestigious (his term) magazines was complete validation for his efforts. And anything else was second best – crap.

I was in town to run a work shop on self publishing.  I may or may not have mentioned that during our conversation.

In light of his assertions, I flashed back to the Velveteen Rabbit. Is cash the only validation for a writer?  Is a monetary … Read more

Social media is very difficult for me, and I think I know why.  I was going to write an essay about it, but instead a poem came of it.  So all this social media wasn’t wasted after all.


I was raised under the admonishment

Don’t Call Attention To Yourself.

be the chorus

the committee

the support


hot dishes – fundraisers

parties – thank yous


The workers,

(my silent generation parents insisted)

were the fortunate

the backbone

They would never burn out, never peak,

never spend too much life in any one place


(leaving room and time… Read more

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