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This is the Newbie Writer’s Guide Blog. You can visit of course the two web sites as well as subscribe to the Newbie Writer’s Podcast and join us at the Newbie Writer’s Group on Facebook.

What I intend for this blog to be is a go to place for information for the new writer. I couldn’t think of a more apt metaphor for the writing experience than the classic journey. You enter a foreign country, you learn a new language, are introduced to new tools and new systems and with luck you not only adapt, but succeed.

You may be … Read more

Hi Everyone,

Heres a quick interview I took with the totally awesome bloke and scifi/fantasy Author Anthony Reynolds. Hope you enjoy!!

Also, check out some of his great work which can be found at


Simon Dewar

1. Can you tell us a little bit about who you are and where you’re from?

My names Anthony and I’m an alc… no, wait, that’s not right. Let’s start that again.

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but buggered off in my early 20’s. I headed
to the UK and worked for 6 years in Games Worksop’s … Read more

It’s been a while but I’m back with a book review.

Roll the bones is book 3 in the “Peter the Wolf” series by Zoe E Whitten.

It follows the  story of  Peter the werewolf as he tries to free his sister who is held captive by a nasty harpy who is torturing her and  feeding off her pain.  The harpy tasks Peter with assassinating a vampire to obtain release of his captive sister..  A long the way there are twists and turns, plenty of carnage and fight scenes, some self discovery, some werewolf-on-werecat romance, witches and magic.  Theres  vampire … Read more

Journalism is very different from most other types of writing. It is based in fact, people and timelessness. It also requires the writer to let go. Journalism writing requires detachment and, in some ways, the loss of the writers voice.

However, that doesn’t mean that journalism and journalists have to lose all the flare and creativity from their prose. That’s not the case at all. In fact, all that it means is that writers need to get more creative about the creativity in their writing. Just be careful and you will be fine.

See the thing is that journalism pieces … Read more

Hi all! I’m sorry for being away and not posting anything of consequence. Life has happened to me in a number of interesting ways.

I started my own business, began working with a client, and something even more strange occurred shortly thereafter. I got an offer from a surprising source.

On September 15th of 2011, I epublished my first book “Blood-soaked and Contagious” (OMG it’s been a year!) Shortly after my insanity with Amazon’s KDP, someone who read my book tracked me down and sent me the most marvelously geeky fan letter. We tossed a few emails back … Read more

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