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Thank you Brenda Knight, a recent Newbie Writers Podcast guest for her wonderful insights and advice for our readers.

The Art of the Book Deal
Insider Secrets to Navigating the Publishing Process

From the outside, book publishing can seem mysterious, but from the inside it is really quite simple. Twenty-two year publishing veteran Brenda Knight will teach you how to sell yourself and your book idea, who you are really selling, the importance of “comp titles,” how to craft the perfect proposal, and trend tracking. “I have acquired over one thousand books in my career, including a few New … Read more

Book stall, GermanyIt’s 2015, or, if you prefer: 8 A.K. — After Kindle. That device was supposed to bring about the end of physical books. …

Source: The Death of the Death of Books — 500ish Words — Medium

I just wrote a love letter to books and the bookcases we built to house them.  I have found the indie publisher and indie bookstores to be thriving, well, not dead in the water, let’s be clear, the margins on books is very small for everyone involved.  But we, as readers can’t stay away from the real thing.

And that is great news.  … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest:  Rachel Nabors

Rachel Nabors

We were intrigued by our guest, Rachel Nabor’s blog post, Don’t do what you Love.

Here is some of that post, originally shared on Medium:

I don’t like advice like “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Not because it isn’t true, but because it’s a monkey’s paw: it’s true under the right circumstances with the right people, and for everyone else, it’s just bad advice.

I used to make comics for a living (these comics, right here), and I gave out similar advice and professed similar goals: … Read more

Send the girls

Why send the girls back to the past? Why not intrepid boys? I have nothing against boys. I love boys, made a few myself. But in Future Girls, the boys have already been sucked into the Reality Cloud. They spend hours, days and weeks cocooned inside the Internet which has grown like Moore’s Law into an all encompassing second life. Men work exclusively within the Reality Cloud, they play, conduct business and fight wars all through virtual reality programs that are real enough to completely engage the players.   Of course they have virtual sex as well. If the fantasy world, … Read more

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