One of the most common problems that new writers have is trying to find the time to write. This isn’t an issue that only affects new writers; it affects all writers.

We all have other lives to lead and at times it can seem impossible to find the time to write. Yet no matter how hectic our days are, if we actually think about it, we could find time to write.

Some writers I know have two hour commutes to and from work. Others are busy housewives and mothers, yet they still find time to write. They are not superhuman. … Read more

Damien must wonder why on earth I asked him to install a blog on the new website. I mean, it’s not as if I’ve used it. I do feel for him, having searched around and spent ages getting the blog to work only for it to lie around being unused and neglected.

That is about to change.

The reason I’ve not been blogging is that, well, to put it simply I’d lost my writing mojo.

Sure I was working on a minimal level, doing what I had to do but couldn’t find the inspiration or energy to go beyond that. … Read more

Hi everyone, just a quick post here. I have recently advertised calls for writers for Demand Studios in the newsletter and in the forum. Many writers do like to write for content providers; they see it as a way to earn regular income whilst improving their skills. Personally I have not written for article sites like this but have always thought it was up to the individual to make his or her own decision as to whether to go down this route or not. I only feel it is fair, however, to draw your attention to this article on Demand … Read more

Thought I’d share with you a typical, or rather not so typical writing day with you.

Friday 8.30am. Normally this is when I start home-schooling my daughter, but today she is feeling ill so I decide to work on a submission instead. Normally my writing time is late afternoon/early evening so this is a bit of change for me.

I settle my daughter down on the sofa with CBBC (for those of you who don’t live in the UK this is an advertisement free childrens’ channel) and I get down to work.

10.30am first draft done I check for typos … Read more

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Once again, welcome and we look forward to seeing you here frequently… Read more

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