Writers who explain too much

December 18, 2014

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Send the girlsDo you explain too much?

We read to experience another world and another life. We read to fall into a world. Excessive explanation takes us out of that experience and talks at us rather than guides us through a fantastic journey. If we wanted a lecture, we wouldn’t have sat in the back of the dark lecture hall either nodding off, or reading a novel, that if well written, was the polar opposite of the boring telling lecture taking place at the front of the class.

As Elmore Leonard commented: Try to leave out the part that readers tend to skip.

In the opening of my second Future Girls book, Future Gold, I agonized over how to get the heroine, Jordan, from her time (2145) back in time (1861). I wanted to explain why she was in the Duck and Screw. I wanted to give the reader Jordan’s backRead More

New Classes for Newbies

December 10, 2014

This post was written by CBramkamp

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Start your new year’s resolution to write – now.
Freelance Writing Career Our guest, Ellen Sussman is offering a couple of classes this winter

I’ll be offering two classes in January and February at my home in Los Altos Hills. (I also have a class through Stanford Continuing Studies — check their website for that one.) Contact me right away if you’re interested in one of these — they fill quickly! Please note — I’ll be traveling, starting tomorrow, and won’t get back to you until after December 7. But I will accept students in the order in which they contact me. You’ll receive confirmation and information on how to pay during the week of December 8.

Here’s to a Creative New Year

One day workshop

Saturday, January 24

9am – 4pm

$225 including lunch

Join me for a day of inspiration and creativity – a perfectRead More

Future Girls and YA art.

December 3, 2014

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If you are in Santa Barbara this winter  (and there are few better places to winter)  Check out a new art exhibit:

kimberly-binns-9The exhibit is the art of the Teen Paranormal world, a different way to view what YA readers are thinking and doing.

I am happy to place Future Girls in the YA  category although the book is not overly romantic nor do I think it’s paranormal in any way.  Still,  YA readers chew up the fantastic and the speculative, I did.  The concept of other worlds and other times make complete sense to a younger reader.  I remember thinking  WOW, what an idea, rather than thinking  “there is no way that time machine could work.”

When did we lose our sense of wonder?  Does reading YA books bring us back to a time when we believed anything is possible and life could lead to amazingRead More

Why I didn’t build a Time Machine

November 26, 2014

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Need a time machine?I love my Beta Readers, to a one, they delivered enormously helpful feedback and suggestions. Except for two.

One of the Beta Readers is an engineer and after he read the   Future Girls he chastised me, saying – you need to build a time machine!

A day later, the other Beta Reader, a physicist, counseled, whatever you do, don’t build a time machine.

You can imagine how helpful that all was.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

–Arthur C. Clarke

I chose not to build a time machine for two reasons: first, (according to both Beta Readers) I do not have extensive experience in time machine mechanics. And second, I did not want to unnecessarily slow down the story. I didn’t want the book to be all about whether or not time machines work, and invoke aRead More

Send in the Girls (Future Girls)

November 19, 2014

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Send the girls

Why send the girls back to the past? Why not intrepid boys? I have nothing against boys. I love boys, made a few myself. But in Future Girls, the boys have already been sucked into the Reality Cloud. They spend hours, days and weeks cocooned inside the Internet which has grown like Moore’s Law into an all encompassing second life. Men work exclusively within the Reality Cloud, they play, conduct business and fight wars all through virtual reality programs that are real enough to completely engage the players.   Of course they have virtual sex as well. If the fantasy world, where everything is accessible and nothing is forbidden is your daily experience – 10, 12 hours a day. What do you care about a real house, real food, the real world? It wouldn’t hold many charms. Sure the menRead More