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Mashup 1 – Our Favourite Bits Regurgitated

Here you will find links to all of the episodes for Tweep Nation Podcast with Amber and Dionne.

Episode 1 – Meet the Tweeps

Episode 2 – Awkard Stories

Episode 3 – Midget Possums in Straw Hats

Episode 4 – Just a Blip on the Radar of Awesomeness

Episode 5 – Shooting Straight With CJ West

Episode 6 – A Hairy Encounter with Author Jane Isaac

Episode 7 – Laughter, Fanny Packs and Vjayjays

Episode 8 – I Used to Love You, But Then The Lights Came On

Episode 9 -Ghosts in the Machine and Amber in the Cupboard.

Episode 10 – “Life Knocks, Big Bums and Victorian Sponge Cake.”

Episode 11 – “Ball Tapping!”

Episode 12 – ” Wolf Whistles, Moobs and Windsong Way!”

Episode 13 – ” Books, Blurbs and Cooking with Dionne and Amber!”

Episode 14 – “Kicking Ass with the Kevster”

Episode 15 – “Amber and Dionne Jiggle Balls with Tonya”

Episode 16 – “This is Your Life- Amber and Michelle Spread the Love”

Episode 17 – “Dionne Tells Amber & Scott How to Get a Peanut Out of a Monkey’s Butt”

Episode 18 – “Wedging butt cheeks with Amber & Dionne”

Episode 19 – “Justin Gets His Muzzle Nuzzled with Amber and Dionne”

Episode 20 – “Amber and Dionne Lose Their Guest and Find Dionne’s Man Voice “

Episode 21 – “Tweep Nation with Guest Author Maria Savva, Cut! Take 2”

Episode 22 – “Amber and Dionne give Rachel a Brazilian.”

Episode 23 – ” Amber & Dionne have a snortingly frank conversation with Ciara.”

Episode 24 – ” Amber & Dionne Speak in Kangaroo with Derek McPhee.”

Episode 25 – ” Amber & Dionne Speak Welcome James into the Indie Fold.”

Episode 26 – ” Six Monthversary of Tweep Nation (And Amber Wears Chaps).”

Episode 27 – ” Third Time Lucky as Scott Joins Amber and Dionne.”

Episode 28 – ” Holy Flying Squirrel Shit Batman!”

Episode 29 – ” Hallelujah! It’s Tweep Nation with Reverend Amber, Dionne, Mark and Deena!”

Episode 30 – “Amber & Dionne give Kelly Calloway a crash course in Tweep Nation!”

Episode 31 – “Amber & Dionne’s Cat Fight Over Ben Ditmars!”

Episode 32 – ” Rayne Hall brings out the best in Amber & Dionne”

Episode 33 – ” Tweep Nation Gets Down with Danni P and Ghetto Chicken”

Episode 34 – ” Amber & Dionne talk James Bond, Reviews and Toilet Paper with author Barry Crowther”

Episode 35 – ” Amber & Dionne Get The Giggles with Charity Parkerson”

Episode 36 – ” Drop Bears and Hippo Races Down Under”

Episode 37 – “Amber & Dionne explore Bellybuttons, Jeebers and Ordainment with Author Donna Cavanagh”

Episode 38 – “A Casual Chat with Susan May”

Episode 39 – “Author Colin Chadwick Announces Dionne is a genius & Amber Snorts”

Episode 40 – “Amber Tells Dionne The Naked Truth”

Episode 41- “Amber Gets Clicky With Dionne and Michelle’s Blobs”

Episode 42- “Amber and Dionne Get Serious with Author Edward Lazellari “

Episode 43- “Bring Your Trenchcoats as Amber and Dionne Get Live with Damien”

Episode 44- “Jason MacIntyre Braves Tweep Nation.”

Episode 45- “Amber Tries to Baffle James and Dionne with BS.”

Episode 46- “Amber and Dionne Chat Clown Pubes with Greg Allen”

Episode 47- “Amber and Dionne Interview Danish Delight: Helle Gede”

Episode 48- “The Gerbil Before Christmas. Safe Word: Armageddon!”

Episode 49- “Amber and Dionne Talk Fetishes with Cabin Goddess: Kriss Morton!”

Episode 50- “Amber and Dionne Are Amply Attracted to Melissa Craig”

Episode 51- “Amber and Dionne Go It Alone”

Episode 52- “Amber’s Birthday Unicorn!”

Episode 53- “Happy Anniversary!”

Episode 54- “Amber and Dionne Double Date with Stacey and Mark”

Episode 55- “Alaskan pipelines and publishing talk with JC Andrijeski”

Episode 56- “Amber and Dionne Get Serious with Susan May”

Episode 57- “Four Paws Are Better Than Three!”

Episode 58- “Amber and Dionne Have a Heart To Heart with Tracy James Jones!”

Episode 59- “Amber and DionneAmuse Themselves”

Episode 60- “Amber and Dionne talk Merde/murder with author Monica La Porta”

Episode 61- “Amber and Dionne Talk Fantasy With Nichelle Rea”

Episode 62- “Amber and Dionne Have A Foursome with Damien and Melissa”

Episode 63 – “Amber and Dionne Chat with Nice Writer Nadia”

Episode 64 – “Tweep Nation Discuss Which Hole Is The Right One With Julie Frayn”

Episode 65 – “Poetry, The Phillies and Lots O’Tattoos’ with Natasha Head”

Episode 66 – “Amber and Dionne Entertain An Arresting Guest”

Episode 67 – “Amber and Dionne Are Both Sick!”

Episode 68 – “Amber and Dionne Get Romantic And Sexy With Charity”

Episode 69 – “Double Barrel Birthday Episode!”

Episode 70 – “Is There An Echo In Here?”

Episode 71 – “Amber Admits to Dionne And Michael That She Was Wrong!”

Episode 72 – “Amber Chucks A Tantrum!”

Episode 73 – “Amber Announces Death To Days Of The Week!”

Episode 74 – “Amber And Dionne Interview Bumeter About Prosthetic Penises!”

Episode 75 – “Bogged Down With Justin!”

Episode 76 – “Tweep Nation Vs Lyrical Versification!”

Episode 77 – “Dionne Dives For Cover As Amber And Paul Shoot Up The Saloon!”

Episode 78 – “Amber and Dionne Chat With Artist Harvey Bunda”

Episode 79 – “Amber and Dionne Wrestle With Time Zones”

Episode 80 – “Amber And Dionne Discuss The Merits of Inches Vs Cms with Jerry Gentry!”

Episode 81 – “Microsoft 8 Is The Enemy With Gail McHugh”

Episode 82 – “Talented Tyler Talks To The Tweeps”

Episode 83 – “It’s Hammer Time With MC Echo!”

Episode 84 – “Sean Listens To Dionne Annoy Amber!”

Episode 85 – “Why Men Are Stupid!”

Episode 86 – “Dionne And Amber Do Dallas!”





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