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Applying yourself to writing

Five jobs for writersWe all have other jobs –  Damien owns his own company and works insane hours, Catharine is a Chief Storytelling Officer and college professor.  I’ve learned that staying close to writing and what I love is actually good enough.  Weighing that book down with both emotional and financial expectations can backfire causing massive writer’s block and pain.

Book sales don’t really pay the bills, so here are five ideas:

  1. Publishing
    Working in the publishing industry is a no brainer. If you’re lucky enough to secure a job with a publishing house, or even like my niece, an internship, you can
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I am my own worst enemy – I have answered all the trivial email I can – I have replied to tweets (Tx!) I have RT, I have actually read everything on my Hoot Suite account – which I’m counting as critical social media engagement. I applied for a full time job with an ad agency. I have read all the interesting e-books that come free with subscriptions to more newsletters. I have rearranged my writing space in the second house – hell, I bought a second house – all in the service of avoiding the book.

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