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Chicago and Poetry MonthI love celebrating National Poetry Month in April. Just as November is given over to furiously writing that crappy first novel draft, April cedes to all things Poetry. In service of poetry and of having more fun with poems, I crafted somewhat snarky one line descriptions of famous poems.

Can you identify the original poem that inspired the summary?

Click on the answer for more information, or you can nod you head and say, oh yes, I remember that poem from the sixth grade.

Happy Poetry Month and look for a couple more opportunities to identify more poems!

The Summaries:… Read more

It’s the last week of National Poetry Month.

In honor of that, here is a poem I wrote using the idea of creating a poem a day during the month of April:

I see American driving
And what I assume
you shall assume,
And at midnight
when the sky is dark and the night is filled with rain
I assume
stay on your side
of the double yellow line

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We love National Novel Writing Month (November).  We love the excitement, the challenge and the opportunity to build up volumes of words, shear  numbers that of course can be worked on (or wrestled with)  later.  April is National Poetry Month, the weather is unsure, April can be the cruelest month.  What about taming it, corralling it and writing about it?  Consider celebrating April and National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day for 30 days.

Just  as with November, what you create does not need to be perfect, consider the exercise as creating the start of thirty poems. 30 … Read more

In honor of the first day of National Poetry month, I have, yes, a poem.

I’m still messy and ignoring details
regardless of where God is located.
I still have a vote without every bit
of salient information
I’  still move through the world
as if I own it
as if it’s mine.
but it’s borrowed really.

I’m still not working hard enough
the house is not clean enough
I don’t love enough
I still don’t know what the hell
enough looks like.
I don’t know if I have ever
held enough in my hands

I still carefully anticipate  outside … Read more

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