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Yesterday my book was featured on RG2E –  I’ve enjoyed some of the free books I’ve downloaded from this site and wanted to give it a try.

So you know what kinds of things are out there –  I began with a smash word download count for Death Revokes the Offer at 1,797 downloads.  By Friday the downloads were at yes, 1808.  I was underwhelmed.

The next in the series, Time is of the Essence had sold 5 copes at 2.99

The third, In Good Faith was at 1 sold.  No change.

Here is what RG2E promised:

The RG2E will … Read more

What is the new, new thing in publishing?  This minute, it’s

I meet the founder of PubSlush Jesse Potash  at the SF Writer’s Conference.  Jesse had worked with legacy (traditional) publishers and wanted to create a different way to publish – crowd sourcing.  (You can hear more about Jesse on Episode 24 of the Newbie Writer’s Podcast  which will be recorded this afternoon).

Since I love trying new things, I put up my fifth Real Estate Diva Mystery Trash Out into the PubSlush web site.

The new model asks the authors to gather 2,000 supporters for their book.  Once … Read more

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