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The Gravity of BirdsI interviewed Tracy Guzeman author of The Gravity of Birds for the WNBA-SF.  What I couldn’t fit into that interview was this interesting idea of creating poetry using the spines of books.  Since I had an abundance of books, I looked up the idea which was started by Nina Katchadourian, a professional artist, started a project called Sorted Books in 1993.  Nina worked with client’s bookshelves and created works that were surprising and reflective of the clients themselves.

Tracy explained she just works with what she discovers on her own shelves:

My own introduction to spine poetry had more … Read more

I received a notice that this marvelous app –  Notability – is better, stronger,

Ferry to Canada

Reading on the Ferry to Victoria, Canada

replete with features and it will absolutely transform how I work.

I did not buy it:

  1. I did not want have the time to learn how to manage another app that will save me time.
  2. What WILL  transform my work, what will transform how I work is three assistants in their twenties to manage the barrage of information that hourly avalanches over me and even now remains in heaps around the desk making it difficult to get up for
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No one likes to  be on hold. I don’t like being kept hold on the phone, I dislike to be grounded while the air crew “checks something”.   I am really not fond of circling around the airport, holding for a landing clearance.  I worry about running out of fuel.  I avoid waiting in line.

And I’m sure  you feel the same.

So what if you are in a holding pattern for your creative work?  What if you find that you have some time, so you dutifully sit at your desk, lift your fingers over the key board and – you … Read more

(From the I don’t ever want to re-marry collection)

Date your spouse.  Over the years  I’ve observed what women my age (over 25)  go through to date.  They are divorced after ten, fifteen, twenty years with the same man, and are now out there, dating.  And there is only so much action a woman can indulge in before she must hit the street and date in person.

And the effort is enormous.  Weight loss, clothes, hair, nails, the whole package.

So to save myself some time and angst, I date my husband.  I think if what I’d have to … Read more

A client is stuck.  She doesn’t know what she wants to do with her story and she doesn’t like her story at all.  She’s unhappy, what should she do?

Well when I’m stuck I like to travel somewhere exotic.  But since a quick trip to Istanbul is not in her budget, we had to move onto plan B.  Which is vacation, retreat, leave the world by reading.  What books are great for writers block? Or in this case, just more inspiration?  What can help the stuck writer move forward again?

I have two sets of books that answer this question.  … Read more

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