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Break from writing

like emerging from the deep end of the pool,


It takes a lot of nerve

to go off the high dive,


Everyone watches while you step

endlessly up rough rungs

dripping water on

the guy behind you he

makes it difficult to back down


from this perch

you can see all the way

to the parking lot

You know, you know

your mother does not look up

she is reading a book in the shade


you must do it

you will do it





You clap your hands overhead

and fall

like a … Read more

My coach, (bless her!)  loaned copies of the Real Estate Diva series to her friend. Now I have two fans.
I mentioned that I was struggling with Trash Out, the fifth book in the series and was thinking of abandoning the whole thing.   “But you have to write it!  We want to hear about the wedding!”  She cried.
And that was all it took.
Apparently I will not only write for food, faint praise, a pat on the head, I will also write to keep just two readers happy.
And I realized that this is how you know you are … Read more

We don’t know what we don’t know.

Stuck in your work?  Wrung dry from producing  a new novel in November, are you planning a big return to writing in January?
One great way to jump start a stalled or dried out imagination is to attend a lecture or class.    The class can deliver  deeper information on a subject on which you are passionate, or  a class or lecture can cover  a subject you know just a little bit about, and want learn more. Additional information and exploration will not only make you smarter,  it may trigger a fresh idea, a … Read more

Once again I find writing inspiration in  unappealing domestic chores.  Do I want to write for my blog or slide under the Christmas (solstice) tree armed with a watering can of water and tree preservative and hope that when I pour the water this time into the invisible base of the tree, the water won’t splash out the other side and onto the living room carpet .  Do I want to make the bed in the guest room for my visiting mother?  Do I want to iron my husband’s shirts, or more immediately, track down the dog smell in the … Read more

Palmyra Theater

Palmyra Theater

Palmyra is the site of an ancient city, roman times, ruled by Xenobia, queen of Palmyra. Our hotel is only a mile or so from the site.  The dining room windows face the site, so in the morning, I drink tea and watch the sun illuminate the main avenue flanked with columns.   In the evening one of the few available activities is to   travel back to the ruins by bus and hike up  to the half ruined Arab fortress built on the ruins of Xenobia’s  castle.  The site  overlooks the plain of the city, laid out in a … Read more

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