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I am an average writer.

I did not sell my first book for a million dollars, or my second, or my third.  I just write.

I am not a driven author, I do not write eight hours a day.  I am a gregarious author, one who likes to drink wine with friends, eat good food and travel to interesting and exotic countries.

So that eliminates the words “intense, powerful, devoted, compulsive and prolific” from my CV.

And I  don’t care.

The  novel I’m creating right now, has no purpose.

Just Writing on an old typewriter

Just Writing

This novel  does not have a platform.

It does … Read more

My publisher at Write Life, (In Good Faith) asked for a short essay covering “why I write”  so I thought I’d list it here as well –  the moral of the story is: don’t waste any writing.

I always wanted to write a book, create a book and be an (famous) author. As a child I created stories and novels as soon as I started to read them.  My genre of choice was mystery novels – those yellow spine Nancy Drew mysteries, I read every one I could get my hands on.

In the Sixth grade I wrote a ten … Read more

What was your first encounter with art?
I remember  my first  play, Never Come, Never Go performed in the Nevada Theater, the oldest running theater in the state.  My future 4th grade teacher, Fred Forsman wrote and starred in the production. All very home town, all  completely transformational as far as I was concerned.   I was transfixed. I was four.
During the same time period   I saw my first ballerina. She was from the Sacramento ballet performing in an auditorium in Grass Valley, the performance consisted of bits and parts of ballets probably because of the limitation of the stage … Read more

Who invented Irony?  The Greeks.

Due to a popular song  at the turn of the last century many people mistakenly believe that it is ironic to find a fly in your Chardonnay.
Nope.  It’s just kind of gross.

Accidentally killing your own father and marrying your mother even though your
whole life was devoted to avoiding that very thing is irony.

It is ironic that after the bank crash and subsequent government bail out
that the first thing banks like Chase advise their customers to be is more
fiscally responsible.
Poetic Justice, the harsh version of irony, is the moment … Read more

Blogs have something to say, but not in very elaborate language.  Which should be obvious since you’re reading one with the above critiera right now.

How to write a blog?  Create about four full sentences and post those scintillating sentences about twice a week … at the very least —   more if you are fabulously inspired and on fire. But two times is good enough.

What do I say? You wail in despair barely missing the opportunity to wave your hands and shriek like a girl at a boy band concert (and if you think I’m naming the boy band … Read more

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