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Episode 56- The Newbie Writer’s Podcast

Memoir Again!


 I will have just completed a tele -summit on Memoir so I’ll include the notes from that project into our podcast.

Is eg acceptable instead of e.g.? Especially in tech writing. Adam asked.


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Sometimes the easiest way to start your memoir and to get going is to consider not only the big events in your life but also the small, seemingly insignificant memories.

Why do we remember these at all?

Damien you had some big memories that you began writing about, … Read more

Deciding what time of year to set your book can prove quite a dilemma. And it’s a dilemma you need to resolve before you begin to write, because it permeates the whole story.

A no brainer, you might say? But, when you become immersed in the writing of a novel, it can be easy to forget how many times it rained, what the weather was like on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, depending on your timescales…

Seasonal weather can have a big impact on your storyline. It not only affects the way you dress your characters – you can’t have people running … Read more

These past couple of months I have found myself in unchartered territory.  Honestly, I never expected to get a book deal and, perhaps naively, didn’t research what comes next.

I’ve talked about marketing and developing a platform already. I’m still navigating the learning curve there. I’ve done some more edits and I now understand how that all works.

My latest challenge was the book cover. How important is cover art? I’ve been a voracious reader of crime fiction for many years and it got me thinking – how much does the cover of a book really matter? Does anyone buy … Read more

How do you deal with rejection?

Rejections are a real part of every writer’s life, a legacy of the subjective world of creativity that we choose.

There are numerous reasons why publishers reject novel submissions: their lists are full; the genre is wrong; they don’t gel with your characters; you haven’t adhered to their submission requirements; story isn’t fresh or original or they simply don’t like it; writing style, etc. etc. The list is endless…. And for the most part, we receive no explanation, just a standard response.

Honestly, if my rejection pile was compared to my acceptance pile it … Read more

Mid May 2011

Feedback arrived about a week later. My Agent alerted me that these were unguarded comments between Agent and Editor. The literary world is a subjective one, we all love some authors, hate others. Editors have personal opinions too. But that doesn’t necessary make those authors’ bad writers.

So, with trepidation, I opened the email and….was pleasantly surprised. The feedback was positive! In fact, very complimentary in places. There were a couple of Editors that didn’t quite gel with the characters, a few that would have liked another twist to the plot, but most of them really liked … Read more

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