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Our on-going interviews with Cool Authors, Cool Books

Joan’s book Sisterhood in Sports explores how there is far more to athletics than we think.

Sisterhood in SportsCompetitive sports are about achieving positive performances.   The stories in the book  provide examples of inspiration, show how women support women, and how together, we can perform better than we think.  I also emphasize how the women in the stories model behavior that is helpful to all women both athletic and non-athletic. Our emotional and intimate relationships with other women lead us to greater success. That is true for all of us.

A good team Read more

Hey all,

M.E. Franco was kind enough to add me to the Liebster Blog award list on her blog:

So a big thanks to her! Make sure you check out her blog and also buy her book:

So part of this is to pass on the award to 5 other bloggers. Here are my nominations!

Dionne Lister: (Fantasy author and host of Tweep Nation Podcast. Has a new book out! Visit her site for details.)

Amber Norrgard: (Poetry author and host of Tweep Nation Podcast, has a second poetry book out now! Make sure you visit her … Read more

Newbie writers podcast-Episode 12 Romance

Introduce our guest, Sharon Hamilton author of Heavenly Love that has five star reviews – available on Amazon

Sharon, you once said  you liked romance because the girl always wins.  Can you tell us more about that feature of Romances?

I always thought that Romance, like any genre is something you must live and breath and love before trying to write it, do you agree?

Who are authors to watch and who are authors for a newbie romance writer to read?

What are some of the romance trends?

What are some of the best ways … Read more

Hey here are the show notes to Episode 8- Publishing Part Deux!

Don’t forget our competition! Notes below this one!

Hey we have a permalink to the competition on the sidebar to the right. Can find it here:

Bit of a recap on last show.
Hard copy

The Traditional way:
Get an agent (time, about a year)
Agent shops manuscript (time, about a year)
Publishers buys the book (no you will not get a million dollar advance) And it will take about two more years to release the book.
No more guarantees of support, marketing or … Read more

Hey we have a permalink to the competition on the sidebar to the right. Can find it here:

Here is the spiel:

‘Newbie Writers and Rainstorm Press have teamed up to offer the ultimate newbie experience!

We want to read about your worst nightmare! With Halloween still lingering creepily behind us, what a great chance to come up with a short scary story?! Take a dream you’ve had and turn it into a fictional horror story. One way to describe this contest is the idea that any experience can be turned into a story, so in this case, your … Read more

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