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Dionne Lister

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Courtney Killian

Courtney has two websites. One is What Not To Write And Writing Tips ( and My Life According To Courtney (

Days of the Kill is Courntey’s first book. It was nearly two years in the making. In this tale of murder and mystery, a small town girl moves to Oregon to start a new life away from her dysfunctional family. However, after she takes a teaching job she realizes to her horror she had not really escaped the dysfunctional members of her family. As the body count rises … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Rob Price

Gatekeepers Press

“As a self-published author-turned-publisher, I founded Gatekeeper Press to level the playing field of the book-publishing industry. Our service is the best, our prices are the lowest, and our payouts are the highest.”
– Rob Price, Founder of Gatekeeper Press

Gatekeeper Press is a full-service publishing house that partners with authors and publishers to produce and distribute high-quality books in digital and print formats. Our authors and publishers earn 100% of their royalties and retain 100% of their rights. Our distribution networks reach readers all over the world. Click here … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Very Special Guest: Michael J. Sullivan

Some notes from his books so far:

  • Written 27 books, published 9, and have 5 waiting for release.

  • Used all kinds of publishing to get my stories “out there”: small-presses (2 books), self-publisihing (5 books published, 1 on the way), big-five (8 books published, 4 on the way), and 1 whose fate is undetermined.

  • Pushed the publishing envelope by using Kickstarter, getting a “print-only” deal, directly signing audio contracts, and doing deals with and without agents.

  • Won a Stabby in 2014, had 4 books nominated for the Goodreads Choice Awards,

Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Ciara Ballintyne

Six months ago, the disgraced wizard, Alloran, sacrificed his hand to rescue the woman he loves from his traitorous friend, Ladanyon. Despite saving the city from a demon, his reputation remains tarnished, and the council of wizards has penalised him severely for the practice of banned magic.

Now he learns his desperate efforts to stop Ladanyon led more to damnation than salvation. Finding a solution compels him to breach his sanctions and venture into forbidden places at risk of his life and freedom.

Alloran must choose between saving himself and everything Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Guest: Katharine Grubb

Author, Write A Novel In 10 Minutes A Day

The 60,000 word book has dozens of short exercises on how to set up your workspace, find the right writing tools, organize your time, sculpt your story, determine your genre and plot, develop your characters, organize your three act structure, fine tune your dialogue, revise, edit and then explain different publishing options.

Her story:

On Friday, I was contacted by a UK publisher and asked if I would write a book called Write A Novel In Ten Minutes. After nearly choking, reading Read more

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