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Gravity of Birds

Gravity of Birds

Gravity of BirdsOur on-going interviews with Cool Authors, Cool Books

Like so many of our novels, Tracy created The Gravity of Birds from other works.

“I had two short stories I liked, but couldn’t seem to finish. One was about how the relationship between two sisters is altered when one is forced to assume the role of caregiver for the other. The second story concerned a young man, recently out of school, who unexpectedly finds his career on a downward trajectory, a situation he’d never prepared himself for. No matter how I tried, none of the endings I came up with seemed … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Tracy Guzeman


Pre-recorded show due to timing and scheduling conflicts.


Tracy Guzeman’s new novel The Gravity of Birds was released in August last year and we had the pleasure to have a chat about all things writing, how to’s and birds. We asked her about combining a love of birds and love of books because it’s such an interesting idea.


We also talk about Tracy’s love of spine poetry. Can see more at her website:

Love always

Little Earthquakes

In Between Days

When the world was steady.



Make spine poetry … Read more

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