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stop-me before I volunteer againIf you are woman, you compulsively volunteer.  It’s what women do, it’s how we make the world better.  It’s also a socially supported and sanctioned way to spend our time.

But during those frantic hours spent soliciting  merchants for  just one more gift certificate because the silent auction table at tomorrow’s golf tournament  is a little bare, does the thought occur to you that you could be using your time differently?  Are you volunteering for a worthy cause but ignoring your own worthy cause: your writing?

Volunteering is a great use of anyone’s idle time. But no one discusses the … Read more

In Episode 15 of Newbie Writers Podcast we discussed humor.  Humor is hard.

You already know how fraught with danger the average joke is. The inability  to tell a joke is a cliché in of itself. Did you hear the one about? It brings to mind the stereotype sales person, over dressed, over excited, and filled with exclamation points, trying too hard.  Or worse, people like my lovely mother who cannot tell a joke without wandering off the subject in order to elaborate on unrelated points and descriptions only to return to the main story not only derailed but missing … Read more


Writing Humor is difficult.  Besides developing the humor, these stories must have all the other elements of a non-humorous story.  To state it differently, a comedic story must have a protagonist, a plot problem, an antagonist and the humor.

A major part of the problem with writing humor is that humor is very subjective; what one reader sees as hilarious, another will view as stupid.  Thus, no matter how good a humor writer you are, you always have the disadvantage that many readers will think your stuff is dumb.  While this caveat applies to all writing, it is more … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special guest: Dionne Lister



Dionne Lister’s website

Sydney Writers’ Festival

I almost feel like I’m spamming everyone; my cover was ready so I did the cover reveal, and I was going to wait to upload to Amazon, but I couldn’t! So now, the next book in  The Circle of Talia series is out there. You can find it on Amazon or Smashwords and soon iTunes, Kobo and Barnes & Noble. The sequel to Shadows of the Realm continues the story of realmists, Bronwyn and Blayke and their creaturas, Sinjenasta and Fang. It’s fast-paced, … Read more

Humor:  Sometimes we regard humor with much the same eagle eyed analysis as we do porn.  We can’t define it, but we know it when we see it.

During the CES in Las Vegas my husband’s company scheudledd a client dinner  at Roy’s, a famous hawaiian fusion restaurant.  That day, over lunch, the one of the wives in our group waxed poetic over the excellent food at Roy’s and specifically over their  signature dessert,  Roy’s Melting Hot Chocolate  Souffle

Oh, I said, a volcano cake.

The beautiful and the butts

The beautiful and the butts

NO!   Rebecca insisted, it is not a volcano cake, it’s … Read more

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