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nail polish remover

Go for the hard stuff

To remove nail polish I have found  nothing does a better job  than real acetone.

I tried the non- acetone polish removers – and spent five to six minutes rubbing and rubbing  as the safe, natural  product gradually and rather ineffectively removed  my nail polish. After about two nails, I  had it and pulled out the real stuff  which took  care of the project in record time.

This is the same in writing.  Don’t rub and rub at a subject or problem with non- acetone words.  Don’t try to cloak the meaning, or dance around … Read more

I love  this map and I love writing from the perspective of the unreliable narrator.

Instead of mapping a  factual, defensible  view of the world,  create a map of reality from a perspective that may or may not be accurate, but is certainly more entertaining.  If the narrator is throughly convinced of their story and their truth   (The Sound and Fury – Faulkner and Catcher in the Rye – Salinger as two famous examples)   the story will become captivating and often reveal more truth than if it stuck to the omnipotent truth.

So when you write, consider an unreliable narrator, … Read more

Accidental Affair: Leslie McKelvey: 9781936556441: Books.

One our show this week, writer Leslie McKelvey gave Newbie Writers a couple of pieces of advice:

There is a huge market for Gay and Lesbian romance novels.

Also S&M and Paranormal romance.

She also recommends that new writers persevere   she began writing in her early 20s but did not publish until her mid-forties, so keep trying and keep sending in manuscripts to publishers.

And revise, revise, revise. . .

It can happen for you, just hang in there!… Read more

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