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Steal Like An Artist

Episode 49

In Steal Like an Artist, Austin Kleon suggests this grid for good stealing:

Good Theft Bad Theft
Honor Degrade
Study Skim
Steal from Many Steal from One
Credit Plagiarize
Transform Imitate
Re mix Rip off

Friend of mine has some questions about copyright he’d like us to look into. Here’s what he skyped:

I would be interested in how recipes work. ie. Catherine’s potato site and listing them on the web.

Copyright law does not protect recipes that are mere listings of ingredients. Nor does it protect other mere listings of ingredients such as … Read more

The Newbie Writers Podcast – Episode 41

What If No one is Listening?


Clapping with one hand. Your invisible audience.

Why write, why pod cast? Why do anything?

Speaking of which, I need to mention my book In Good Faith because no one else is!


I checked my Google analytics on my web site.  Of course there wasn’t much information to parse from four visitors.  So I abandoned the depressing news and turned back to filling the blog and web site no one visits.

Writing for my blog is  like keeping my house clean for guests.  I may Read more

Early Jan. 2011

How many of us personalise our writing?

In my day job, as a buyer for an engineering company, I spend hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds a day on products, handle £50,000+ accounts. It is one big negotiation; strictly business. I go to work to pay the bills, look after my family, fund my lifestyle, be able to write. It’s reasonably enjoyable, but the fact is that if I won the lottery, I probably wouldn’t turn up for work in the morning. But I would still write.

Maybe because it’s a hobby, something I enjoy (most of the … Read more

Hey everyone,

I don’t usually post on the blog but I feel I need to keep people in the loop. Hopefully if you have registered the RSS feed of this blog you’ll receive it in your email. This is why I have used the blog and not the forums. You will have noticed Newbie Writers being offline or extremely slow. Some may remember this happened earlier on in the year.

I am not happy to say the least.  This is what has happened. We host Newbie Writers with a webhosting company called ServerGrade. They had been excellent up until just … Read more

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