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End May 2011

As newbies, where can we look for a publisher that will read and consider our work?

It is well known that the major houses will only accept submissions via a literary Agent. So if you don’t have an Agent, where do you start? This was my next dilemma.

My former Agent suggested a few independent houses to start with but, alas, when I checked their websites most of those had recently changed their policy; now only accepting submissions via a literary Agent themselves. I did the normal things like trawl the Writers and Artists Yearbook, googled ‘Independent … Read more

Mid May 2011

Feedback arrived about a week later. My Agent alerted me that these were unguarded comments between Agent and Editor. The literary world is a subjective one, we all love some authors, hate others. Editors have personal opinions too. But that doesn’t necessary make those authors’ bad writers.

So, with trepidation, I opened the email and….was pleasantly surprised. The feedback was positive! In fact, very complimentary in places. There were a couple of Editors that didn’t quite gel with the characters, a few that would have liked another twist to the plot, but most of them really liked … Read more

Hey everyone.

Catharine Bramkamp ( and I have recorded the first Episode of the Newbie Writers Podcast! Find us on Itunes by searching for Newbie Writers. Give us a star rating and I’d love a review or three.

What do you guys want to hear on there? Have anything to contribute? So far we have the outline for 5 episodes but that’s irrelevant as the content can be pushed further down the line if we get more input from you. Be it a 5 star review (which I’ll read out on the show) or a piece/topic you want us to … Read more

Newbie Writers is all about giving new and aspiring writers a chance to get works out there and published. We need articles for our Newsletter which is published monthly. We also need articles for our Blog. There is no payment for these articles however they will count as a clip for your portfolio, you retain all rights and ownership of your works and you can link back to the article (if a blog article).

There are some guidelines that must be adhered to. All submissions are to be sent to Don’t be put off by the guidelines, we will … Read more

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