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Overwhelmed by the competition?

Overwhelmed by the competition?Read this if you are overwhelmed by the competition

Do you log onto Goodreads and gulp?

Did you walk into Powell’s or Strand and think, there is too much here, I can’t compete, look at all the books!

Do you not even focus on Amazon because that A to Z thing is too much to consider.

You are not alone.  We all feel the immense  bottomless universe of which we’ve signed up to become a part. It’s like dangling over the half blown section of the Death Star. It’s like walk through Times Square and realizing that everyone in this … Read more

Ever get in over your head?  That’s where I am right now.  Balls are dropping and bouncing all over the room and if the dog were completely healed from his back surgery, he’d chase them.

Starting last February, I took on the big project of serving as President Elect then President of my Rotary Club.  I figured, in my magical thinking way, that if I took on a big commitment like this, something really great and really interesting would come my way.

It’s my version of making such I’m involved in other plans so that life can happen.

And life … Read more

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