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Social media is very difficult for me, and I think I know why.  I was going to write an essay about it, but instead a poem came of it.  So all this social media wasn’t wasted after all.


I was raised under the admonishment

Don’t Call Attention To Yourself.

be the chorus

the committee

the support


hot dishes – fundraisers

parties – thank yous


The workers,

(my silent generation parents insisted)

were the fortunate

the backbone

They would never burn out, never peak,

never spend too much life in any one place


(leaving room and time… Read more

I  read from Ammonia Sunrise at an artist cafe gathering last week.

Reading  my poetry out loud was very satisfying, the audience responded beautifully, they sighed after hearing a poem, they applauded, they liked the works and the poetry.  They bought books.

And I thought, why should we read our poetry out loud?

Instant feedback.

You know if ia poem hit a note, you can hear the sigh from the audience, you can hear if you captured something in them and managed to form words that express the ideas they harbored in their heads and hearts.

For instance, I have … Read more

I wrote my poems during the month of April.  and posted a couple here.  Did you write thirty poems in thirty days?  I ended up writing a few more than 30.  My first and I thought, only, place to record my work was in a pretty Galison Everyday journal .  I sketched in 23 poems in this journal.  My goal was to turn to this book once a day and just scribble down something into the 19  lines.  I like that it was smaller and more limited because the space wasn’t so intimidating.  (If you are intimidated by large spaces … Read more

In honor of poetry month, I strive to create a poem a day for each day of the month.  Last year this  effort, combined with a poetry class helped me create my chapbook Ammonia Sunrise.  So I know this works, even though the poems are a bit raw in the begining.

Here is an example:


American Idol.


My first thought

When I heard victims:

“thank you Jesus”

standing among  the matchsticks

of tornado ruins –


you need better gods.


I too worshiped  before the altar

of lost causes

I ignited unblessed votives

for deliverance in the … Read more

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