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Overwhelmed by the competition?

Overwhelmed by the competition?Read this if you are overwhelmed by the competition

Do you log onto Goodreads and gulp?

Did you walk into Powell’s or Strand and think, there is too much here, I can’t compete, look at all the books!

Do you not even focus on Amazon because that A to Z thing is too much to consider.

You are not alone.  We all feel the immense  bottomless universe of which we’ve signed up to become a part. It’s like dangling over the half blown section of the Death Star. It’s like walk through Times Square and realizing that everyone in this … Read more

Amber AlertWe’re hosting the Blog Tour for fellow Caliburn Press author Barbara Winkes and her new book, Amber Alert

Barbara discusses her road to publication.

I had always been writing, and it had been my dream for a long time to hold my own book in my hands—when it finally happened, the story leading up to it could have been from a romance novel itself. I fell in love and less than two years later, I moved across the ocean and got married.

You can imagine that this process involves lots of paperwork which, of course, is less romantic. I couldn’t … Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Brooke Warner


As a small publisher (with authors investing in their own work to boot), I am cautious about Barnes & Noble, and outright against being carried in superstores like Target, Costco, or, god forbid, Walmart. Why? Not only do these stores take massive up-front buys at horribly steep discounts, but the product is returnable. I once worked on a book that went into Target, actually; they ordered 30,000 books at a 60% discount, meaning the publisher got 40% to divvy up between themselves and the author. Of course, the publisher held Read more

Sci Fi is importantIn Future Girls, the boys have already been sucked into the Reality Cloud. They spend hours, days and weeks cocooned inside the Internet which has grown like Moore’s Law into an all encompassing second life. Men work exclusively within the Reality Cloud playing in virtual reality programs that are so real they don’t care much about the outside world, where the women are charged with making due.   Since the women are the ones bearing the brunt of the dwindling resources, they are the ones determined to find a way to change things.

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology

Read more

The Newbie Writers’ Podcast

Special Guest: Karma Bennett




Karma Bennett offers fully customized publicity campaigns tailored to the needs of her clients. In addition to traditional publicity outreach, she offers assistance with social media, marketing, SEO, book tours, and branding. She loves helping authors find the value in Twitter, Tumblr and other social media resources. Some of the genres she’s worked with include fitness, health, horror, sexuality, pop culture, humor, and young adult. Karma has secured publicity on a wide variety of media, including Cosmopolitan, Fox & Friends, Woman’s World, Mother Jones, Read more

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