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What I learn along the way

December 19, 2009

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I volunteered; I sure did, without so much as a thought of,  what if I can’t think of what to write or scarier still, what if people don’t like what I write? Naw, I didn’t think of that, not until I actually sold my idea to Damienb. Now I must follow through. This isn’t exactly Face Book either where I can count on family and friends to like whatever I write, but then who ever got to be a paid writer by writing just for family and friends? Nobody that’s who! So I will swallow my pride and all my fear here and just plunge right ahead.

I have actually been writing most of my life. Even as a child, to placate my younger sisters, I would make up elaborate stories to tell them as they lay huddled together in the bed next to mine. To this very day if someone says, “tell me aRead More