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Episode 48- Newbie  Writers Podcast

Scott Morgan interview


This week we chat with Scott Morgan, author and editor. His website is: Write Hook

Love the tattoo!

First, you do a great deal – tell us about your business and by the way, how is business?

So talk to us about kick ass Characters.

You edit and proof read, what are some of the common errors you correct and what are some of the best blunders you’ve seen? What do you say to the authors of those errors?

Loved your post on Amber from Tweep Nation – you should interview … Read more

Episode 32-Dyslexia, Dictation and Dentistry

What if you can’t read?

Guest: Steven Myers

As you know reading has become an  everyday occurrence and it has come to the point where if you cannot read and write you will struggle.  Some of the everyday problems are: not reading the price correctly, not knowing what I have written is correct, after reading for long period of time not knowing what I have read, not able to assess tone if the tone of a document is correct, the list goes on.

I cannot use a spell checker, as the spell checker will often … Read more

Newbie Writers is pleased to have a guest blog from Amber Norrgard:

This is her interview with Russel Blake

Not too long after my husband gave me a kindle for our seventh anniversary (sigh… still the BEST GIFT EVER!), I came across an independent writer by the name of Russell Blake. In June of 2011, Fatal Exchange was Blake’s only novel, and was avail only in e-book format – and with its low price, what did I have to lose? Well, for starters, I lost a great deal of sleep the night I started reading Fatal Exchange, due to … Read more

I experienced a dose of déjà vu this week. Standing beneath the shower, lathering conditioner into my hair, I felt the warmth slowly disappear out of the water. It folded back the years to my childhood, when my brother would sneak into the bathroom and run the taps, forcing the same effect for kicks.

I squealed, jumped away, and furiously searched around the curtain for the culprit. But there was no one there. (Not surprising since my husband and daughter were out and I haven’t lived with my brother in years.) I fiddled with the buttons, turned the shower off, … Read more

Ernest Hemingway was known for his short to the point sentences, a trait that helped to solidify his writer’s voice as one of the most distinctive in American literature.  In The Old Man and the Sea he uses direct language that makes us feel as if the fisherman were telling us the story firsthand.

This use of technique and tone is a great example of voice in writing.  I know as new writers we find some of these terms like “voice” perplexing and we wonder what exactly everyone is talking about.  Myself I interpret voice simply as characteristics of a … Read more

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