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You are ready – you have your fabulous book. You make the drive to the city.  Once you found parking and found the building, what to do next?

The agent pitch on Newbie Writers GuideI volunteer to coach authors for WNBA-SF Pitch O Rama, an event (in March) focused exclusively on brining in 20 plus agents, editors and publishers into one building just so authors can talk with them.

It’s a great event, and many authors secure agents and publishers during the course of the morning.  This is what we’ve learned and observed.

Agents, publishers and acquisition editors attend these events because they, like you, want … Read more

Episode 69 Newbie Writer’s Podcast

 Special guest: Kat Brooks Co administrator of


Indies Unlimited Logo


From the Indies Unlimited Web site:

This site is dedicated to the independent authors, publishers, reviewers and readers who are on the cutting edge of that technological revolution.

A major challenge for any indie author is the lack of established infrastructure in place to market indie books. It can be challenging and time-consuming to get the word out about your book, to find reviewers, and to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page. As a new author, I was delighted to discover Read more

Episode 50 – The Great Debate!

Traditional Publishing Vs Self Publishing.

Featuring: Tweep Nation (arguing on the side of Self Publishing) and Ciara Ballintyne as moderator (to keep Damien in line)


Outline of terms and back ground, then each team can give their opinion because, after all, this is a debate!


Once Upon A Time, publishing a book conjured up a happy vision of success achieved: the advance! The book signings! A devoted editor who possessed the magic to make your book perfect and desirable! No work for the author! The siren song of publication was strong. And Read more

As we wave goodbye to the Olympics in the UK, I’m left feeling a great sense of pride for all the talented athletes that took part, sharing the elation of those who managed to achieve their aims: whether to reach the event, make a certain round, or gain a medal. All those years of hard work, finally paying off.

I celebrated an achievement myself this past week (very small in comparison to the above) by completing the first draft of my second book. Some writers claim to write a book in a few months, others (including a professional author with … Read more

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