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We love National Novel Writing Month (November).  We love the excitement, the challenge and the opportunity to build up volumes of words, shear  numbers that of course can be worked on (or wrestled with)  later.  April is National Poetry Month, the weather is unsure, April can be the cruelest month.  What about taming it, corralling it and writing about it?  Consider celebrating April and National Poetry Month by writing a poem a day for 30 days.

Just  as with November, what you create does not need to be perfect, consider the exercise as creating the start of thirty poems. 30 … Read more

I am preparing to be  famous.

I watched the film  – the A Team – the other night.  And it reminded me how much I really loved the original.  The show aired from 1983 to 1987, and I may have watched those four years.  We were young, just married and could afford nothing, so TV was our entertainment.  TV has since become more a novelty.  I  work at night teaching and attend events and dinners with friends when I’m not working.  But I enjoyed that time as well, cuddling with Andrew and watching preposterous antics of this group of charming … Read more

The Internet is a lurching two-year-old.  The moment you are certain you can anticipate their play pattern, the second you teeter of the verge of complete toilet training, the minute you relish the coherent conversation debating the benefits of bananas over Samoa cookies, one pause, one tantrum, one nap and the slate is wiped clean.  The child lurches left instead of right and takes down a flower vase scattering water over the just cleaned carpet, they eschew the banana after all and beg  for chocolate milk. They pee in the sandbox.
Just when I think I have a schedule to … Read more

Like drinking, if you are attending a conference right, you will feel terrible the next morning.

There is nothing more energizing and nothing more interesting that a good writing conference. Seeing an author in the flesh, hearing the words in real time, feeling the energy in the room, we still long for that, we still want connection. And a conference is such a perfect way to achieve that connection.  A good writing conference is built to be over stimulating and overwhelming.  Like drinking Red Death at the Lambda Chi house, the stuff is great going down.

You take copious notes, … Read more

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