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Polite Gophers
Polite Gophers

After you, no after you.

I discussed   podcasting again at the SF Writers Conference 2015 and again for the National Association of Memoir Writers – for the April Free Roundtable. So since it’s on my mind, I thought I’d share some of the points from the talk

Are you considering Podcasting?  I know, Newbie Writers makes it look easy. And it can be, here are some considerations before you take the plunge:

  • Do  you have a great idea?
  • Do want to vary your reach?
  • Do you love to talk?
  • Do you really love to talk?
  • Do you bore your
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Maze in Cologne Cathedral

Chris Baty, founder of NaNoWriMo reminds us that the middle of any endeavor is called the Long, dark night of the soul for a reason.Maze in Cologne Cathedral

Every Hollywood movie has one because we love seeing our protagonists pummeled for a while before they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and head out to kick some ass.”

During NaNoWriMo  while frantically (a fun frantic, make no mistake), the worst, more difficult part of the project is after 30,000 words or two weeks and you are suddenly in the quicksand of the middle.

So what is in your middle?  Do you need

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Luggage by Catharine Bramkamp
Luggage by Catharine Bramkamp

everything in one bag, – St. Petersburg

We were pleased to host Terry Lucas  (Episode 174) and learn more about poetry.  As an experiment I took Terry up on his 5 for $5 and sent in five poems.

Here is the poem and his suggestions, just so you can see what it’s like to work with a poetry coach.


The Poem:


Don’t Leave Home Without You  (Great Title!)

you are my flat umbrella  (as in broken open too far or unopened?  So he didn’t understand flat umbrella as a travel umbrella, so I need to another descriptor)
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Expressing your thoughts in original language is quite challenging.  Consider what you say and how much of what you say consists of references and descriptions not your own.  We often express ourselves through not only cliches but through catch phrases brought to us courtesy of television, advertising, memes, films and internet short hand.#cop

Consider how we incorporate LOL, hashtags, smiley faces into our actual conversation.  “Gee Greg #youlookgreat.”

“Thanks Cindy, #hopetogetsometonight, you look lovely too.”

My mother is fond of quoting a saying she learned in Greece.  Is problem.

We have shared cultural references that not only make communication smoother, … Read more

Skulls- novelists Get EvenThere are countless books, (maybe even Don’t Write Like We Talk) devoted to how to write a novel.

Because apparently writing is neither automatic nor intuitive.

Allow me to give you the excellent books written by our guests who appeared on Newbie Writers Podcast:

  • The Writer’s Adventure Guide – Beth Barany
  • Shoot Your Novel  – CS Lakin
  • The 12 Key Pillars of Novel Construction –  CS Lakin
  • The Author Training Manual – Nina Amir
  • How to Blog a Book – Nina Amir
  • You’ve Got a Book in You! – Elizabeth Sims
  • Starting Your Book – Naomi Rose

At the very … Read more

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