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I just read an interesting post from Sage Coen who commented that she was writing crap (my paraphrase) instead of writing what she really needed to say.  Natalie Goldberg combats this tendency of circular writing by breaking the pattern of her free writing and quickly  dashing “What I really mean to say is . . . “ and then writing more honestly from there.
I support the concept of writing deeply and expressively I really do. I think we should all write deeply and expressively.

By “we” I mean “you”.

I hail from Viking /Norman/English/ Puritan stock whose very existence … Read more

What inspires you?

I collect books: history, poetry and writing books, paper back, hard cover, old, and those I cannot bear to part with. I can run my hand over the book spines and remember exactly what is printed inside. I also remember when and where I was when I first picked up the book. Or in the case of Natalie Goldberg’s Wild Mind, I remember when I spilled red wine on the book and how devastated I was at the time, but I never replaced it. I keep the ragged, wine stained book on my shelf and thumb through … Read more

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