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Writing groups can be wonderful and they can be terrible.  This is straight  from the first Don’t Write Like You Talk book, because some problems are timeless.

The cheapest, but not necessarily easiest way to get consistent feedback on your working novel is to join a writers’ group.  There are many in your local area and the only reason you did not know this is you just thought about joining a group an hour ago.

Look on- line.  Find a group close by because if you must drive through traffic to meet with the group, you won’t do it for … Read more

You are ready – you have your fabulous book. You make the drive to the city.  Once you found parking and found the building, what to do next?

The agent pitch on Newbie Writers GuideI volunteer to coach authors for WNBA-SF Pitch O Rama, an event (in March) focused exclusively on brining in 20 plus agents, editors and publishers into one building just so authors can talk with them.

It’s a great event, and many authors secure agents and publishers during the course of the morning.  This is what we’ve learned and observed.

Agents, publishers and acquisition editors attend these events because they, like you, want … Read more

The first novel was written by a woman, The Tale of Genji by Murasaki Shikibu, The 1,000 page novel can be found on most Japanese shelves.  And just like all those copies of Ulysses (James Joyce), the novel is never read.   

Despite it’s history, we call it writing the Great American Novel.  Probably because many writer (I’m sure, not you)   begin their book ideas with the awards ceremony and work backwards.  Once the acceptance speech is for your Pulitzer is polished to perfection, you’ll be ready to write that famous,  lauded,  fabulous NYT Best Selling (more on what that … Read more

How can you write a better Science Fiction story?  By avoiding some of the traps unique to the genre.
The Future is Now

The Future is Right Now

When we write a Science Fiction, or Time Travel based story, we sometimes get caught up in the whole fantastic world we imagine. We lovingly describe all this marvelous technology in long, unnecessary paragraphs. We make the characters discuss the new technology ad nauseam.  We love this new bright shiny world and are determined to describe every block of the new city on the hill, every corner of the Jetson-like abode.

Don’t do this.

It’s not Read more

Need a time machine?So many new writers start their books with pages, even chapters of back story. They want to tell the reader all about the creation of their fantasy world. They want to make sure the readers understands every nuance of Mexican politics in 1956 because it will be critical to the to the plot on page 103. Promise. They want to make sure the readers understands every feature of time travel.

Then their writing coaches or editors innocently suggest that instead of including all this material in the opening chapters of their book, the author should create back strong through dialogue. … Read more

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